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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Going to need assistance! (OPK's)

Hi ladies!

So today my OPK's arrived (30 of them, that will be more than enough for this month ) This is my first time using them..I thought I'd give them a try along with some conceive plus lubricant (i need to try and pin point ovulation this time, so I the lubricant doesn't go to waste).

I'm on CD 9 and my cycles are always bang on 33/34 days.

I know about OPK's and how to read them (line needs to be AS dark or darker than the control line to be a +). According to my app i ovulate around CD I'll start testing about 6 days before then. I don't know for a fact thats when I O, this is why I want to use OPK's!

I am new to this, after 3 failed cycles, and now my fourth, i'm hoping this will work for me. I'm going to need some advice as I know for a fact I'll end up getting confused. lol.

Any advice would be lovely, and I'm going to do a "trial test" tonight, so I can get the hang of all this testing.

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It sounds to me like you've got a solid plan.

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