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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC #2 w/ clomid & metformin

Weve been TTC baby #2 for around 2 years now. I Baby #1 was conceived on our first round of Clomid (150 mg). Weve had a couple unsuccessful clomid cycles this time around, and an unsuccessful femara cycle as well. Day 21 bloodwork indicates i am ovulating but isnt a very impressive level. This month were trying Clomid 150 mg again, and adding metformin to the mix, as my OB thinks PCOS is a possibility for me. Anyone had success with clomid and metformin?

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Thats what Im doing right now clomid with metformin. I got pregnant with my daughter doing that combo (and progesterone) so fingers crossed!!! Im on cd 5 right now and super nervous lol.

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