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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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When do BCP withdrawel symptoms stop?

So I know my body is all out of whack because I started a pill pack on 01/21 for my next cycle, but then I stopped taking them 01/29 (took last pill on 01/28). So I only took the first week of pills in this cycle, and now I am on week 3 of my cycle and I have had horrible sore nipples and light cramping off and on since stopping my pills. The nipple pain has NOT subsided at all. I have also had some twinges near my right ovary last week. I have not gotten any hint of withdrawel bleeding, which is odd cuz I have in the past when stopping pills (but wasn't trying to get prego back then... now I'm trying).

Researching online isn't helping much. If you stopped BCP during your cycle, when did the withdrawel symptoms stop?

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