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Anyone know if UTI's can affect Ovulation?

I'm currently dealing with a pretty strong UTI, I might have to get antibiotics if it doesn't get better. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this would affect timing for ovulation or delay it or make it likely that I DON'T ovulate or w/e.

Anyone experience anything like this or along these lines?

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I suffered with recurrent UTIs and it didn't affect ovulation for me. They can be pretty nasty though, so it's best to try to get rid of it asap, before it travels to kidneys. I was given antibiotics but despite having had them without issue before, I reacted to them that time so had to stop and wasn't willing to take the alternative so I drank 3-4L water daily, drank unsweetened cranberry juice, took uva ursi (NOT a long term thing as long term use will be harmful) and despite it being confirmed as a bacterial infection I got rid of it myself. The tincture and the cranberry juice helps unstick the bacteria from your bladder, making it easier to flush out

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