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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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-OPK this am, Now + with pain but no CM

I am a night shift nurse. When getting home I thought taking OPKs in afternoon is better so right then, even thou it was 7AM, is really my afternoon/evening time. Took it and it was negative(Had no symtoms of ovulation either) Am at work and took an OPK around 8pm and it was blazing positive. The reason I took it was because I was feeling ovary pain on both sides. I am on clomid so am in the time frame to ovulate. We BD 6,7,9 and will in the AM(11th) and again the 12. I have not seen any CM, which I have been getting loads of at the time I think I am ovulating in the previous months.

My question is...Getting my +OPK tonight with symptoms and not BD until 12 hours later, without CM, Do you think there is still a chance???
I know, know one knows when the egg actually will drop, I just wonder if its not dropping as we speak since im hurting, even thou I just got a positive. HELP!!

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My cm usually becomes non fertile the day I ovulate which seems backwards but apparently this is how it usually happens anyway. I guess because you start producing progesterone and this dries it up. If you don't conceive this cycle perhaps grab some Preseed or similar in case it happens again

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You will Still be in the time frame. After your positive you ovulate around 24 hours later, and the egg is then viable for another 12-24 hours. Good luck!

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