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Low Oral BBT but Normal Vaginal BBT ??? HELP!

Hi there ! Iím sure this has probably been discussed before so Iím sorry if I am repeating a topic but I am looking for opinions of tracking BBT orally vs. vaginally. I have been tracking my BBT orally, I noticed a definite thermal shift after ovulation but then received a dip at about 6dpo below my coverline with increases the following two days but then another dip this morning at 9dpo(36.4 C). I was confused about todayís dip so immediately after I decided to test vaginally and it read
37.3 C ...... I am concerned that I my oral temps maybe misleading me or that perhaps I sleep with my mouth open which may be giving me a lower temp or maybe I have low progesterone and need to be tested.

Has anyone else experienced something similar with suspicious low LP temps ?


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I used to temp orally but I found them to be erratic, there was always a clear shift but they would be on the low side and they would be really up and down much of the time. Vaginally I don't have this issue so much. Naturally vaginal temps will be quite a bit higher than oral temps, but they will be more consistent as you won't face the variations that come with oral temping.
It isn't unusual to see a couple of dips during your lp as you get a couple of oestrogen surges during your lp, so I wouldn't worry about that. However, if you see that your temps aren't sustaining then that could be cause for concern as it can indicate low progesterone. This is what keeps temps nice and high, so if they drop early on and don't increase again then that can be a sign and you should have bloods done to check progesterone levels about a week before af is due.
I would try vaginal temping for a full cycle first though, as oral can be really misleading

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