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Do you ovulate before, during, or after EWCM?

Hello, we just started TTC#2 ( son is 5 years old so its been some time since I was pregnant!)

I had brown/red spotting February 12th and 13th. My period/flow actually started Feb 14th. Cycles are 28 days.

Yesterday (CD 11) I had a glob of goopy CM that was cloudy. It streched maybe two inches.

That night I had little jabby pains on my lower right side.

Today (CD12) I had a lot of EWCM. Clear and SUPER stretchy. It felt like I wet myself!

I am wondering if ovulation typically comes before, during, or after ovulation. I have been reading SO many conflicting articles/sites.

I just started BBTing like 4 days ago but sadly, Im not very good at yet! I have a BBT thermometer, and temp every morning at 7:10. But I always sleep restlessly... so I think that might be why my temps range from 97.20 to 96. 20 =\

Really just relying on CM at this point, thanks!

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Even with restless sleep you will start to see a pattern, but it takes a few cycles to see anything clear.
With the cm, this can happen days before ovulation and sometimes after ovulation, but it is a good indication that your body is getting ready to ovulate. Are you using OPKs? If not then I would suggest you try them. They're easily and cheaply bought online, and will tell you when you're having your LH surge which tells you you will probably ovulate within a couple of days afterwards (this varies for everyone and also many a time will vary with cycles, some ovulate the same day, some after a positive). Handy to have on hand especially when temping

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I got ewcm a day or two before my positive opk, which was usually a day before ovulation.

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Happycupcake knows her stuff.

EWCM typically happens during your fertile period -- those days leading up to and including ovulation. After you ovulate, your CM will generally dry up pretty quickly. During the luteal phase, it's very common to have dry or sticky CM. Many women get some EWCM again right before AF hits, which is when another LH surge occurs.

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