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Best way of tracking?

Ok... So although hasn't arrived yet I'm guessing I'm out this cycle so want to start preparing for the next cycle.

We decided this time we wouldn't temp/chart/all that jazz... but after this nightmare cycle of the unknown I think I should chart for some sort of sanity if nothing else....

Whats the best way? I have a bbt.. should I use that along side OPKs? does anyone check their cervical position? or is that more of a no go? what about cm?

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I think that tracking BBT is the most accurate way of knowing if/when ovulation occurred. Ovulation tests are also good but don't give you the exact day of ovulation (ovulation can occur 12-72 hours after +OPK).

I track my cervical position and cervical mucus. It's obviously not as accurate as BBT when identifying day of ovulation but it's a lot less stressful.

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I recommend that you nab the Fertility Friend app. You can track absolutely everything with it, and it's got a wonderful (and easy to understand) tutorial that explains the hows and whys.

I do it all - I use OPKs so I know when I'm about to ovulate, BBT so I know when I did ovulate, and I also chart my CP and CM because I just like to cover all of my bases (it helps when the OPKs and BBT might not line up).

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