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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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This cycle or not for a while !

I am now 2dpo, we BD on the day I got my first +OPK so I'm feeling kinda hopeful.
I have a son who is 2 years old and breastfeeding so I wasn't even sure if I would be ovulating so it's nice to know I am.

Really hoping I get my BFP this month because if not, we won't be trying for a couple of months as we don't want a December baby (DS birthday is 22nd Dec so already overshadowed by xmas so don't want it overshadowed by a sibling birthday too) or early Jan.

AF is due 9th March so will be testing 11th March if AF doesn't show as it would be amazing to get a BFP on mothers day !

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GL. Im still feeding my 2yo. Our eldest dd's birthday is on the 20th Dec so I completely understand wanting to time around then.

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