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Ovulation kits are not so easy

So I just finished my first round of Provera + letrazole (2.5 cd 3-7) and started ovulation kits on CD 11. First I have a love hate relationship with ovulation kits. I think because its literally the only time I ever see two lines which is depressing but I get satisfaction for the first 25 second I watch the lines appear. Second, I think ovulation kits legitimately cause 'line eye'. I mean seriously trying to compare color intensity ??! And third since I normally don't ovulate on my own and this is my first medicated round is the tiredness normal??

My point to this post was I have no clue if my ovulation kits are positive

Ovulation kits

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i totally agree hun!

Ive been tracking mine this month and some days they are darker then others and yet still "negative". The only advice i got given was, do not use your morning pee on those and always wait until 2pm! Im still tracking them and I know I am ovulating today, all the symptoms the egg whites, the cramps and sore boobs yet the second line still isnt as dark as the control line!!! I give up lol xxx

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Test once a day, at the same time every day, between 11AM and 8PM. Early afternoon tends to be best. It might help you to save your OPKs each cycle to compare.

While much, much pricier, they do also make digital OPKs that take a lot of the guesswork out.

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