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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi All

I am excited to join this forum as I start my road to becoming a new mom. I do not have any children and I am ready to become a mother. I recently started my first round of clomid. It is putting my body through some changes (hot flashes) omygoodness lol, but I'll take that to get my end results. I'm very hopeful!

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Good luck on your journey!

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Sending love and hugs

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi Blue, I'm doing first month of clomid too and yes, those hot flushes are a b*tch lol. What dose have they got you on? I'm doing 50mg (days 2-6) at the mo. Started it 10th Feb so right now I'm at cd24. Did they track you? I had an absolute nightmare with the u/s process (long story, generally quite p'd off with the hospital lol) so I don't even know if I o'd, but if I did, it was about 4 days ago. So this is quite an annoying TWW, could be waiting for nothing! AF in due in four days - I'm never late but on these blummin' pills, who knows?! If she hasn't arrived by Fri I'll test, but could be way too early... Grrrr, confusing! Fingers crossed for you though, hope it does the trick

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