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Trying to conceive #2

How likely is it to conceive our second baby during our first cycle TTC since getting off BC? Iím 10 DPO and trying not to symptom spot but Iím feeling a bit nauseous today and Iím NEVER nauseous. Lol. Just wondering if itís even possible to be pregnant or if Iím just playing with my own emotions here.

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I think there is ALWAYS a possibility of pregnancy occurring whenever sex/unprotected sex takes place. I just think the likelihood/percentage of that happening depends on many factors. Some women get pregnant straight away with one baby and the next itís takes some time. I guess it all depends on your individual body and individual cycle as they can change month to month (such as withdrawal hormones from birth control, stress ect) I defiantly wouldnít doubt your symptoms though even if itís your first cycle TTC because as long as you ovulated thereís always a chance..Xx

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