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I found 1-2 tough! My second baby had a cows milk allergy he cried a lot has colic and reflux . Once he was on the proper milk he was a boy but those first few months was hard. 2-3 was a breeze because my youngest cruz was a joy as a boy slept when I put him down was so content and happy once he got to about 1 and they all started fighting it because tougher . Itís hard work now but itís easier because there all getting more independent
Well weíve been talking and I kind of decided maybe we should wait a year or so to ttc so cruz will be almost in school when baby comes . But then I come to bed alone with my thoughts and I donít want to wait lol . It is so expensive! 😂 yeh I would like a June/July baby. Iím trying to stay relaxed and take things easy but itís so easy to say isnít it . I think the actual reason I want one right now is because I canít because the injection itís a case of I want what I canít have. I am looking forward to life being easier without another baby but in the same sense I want another and itís mainly due to me wanting a girl but Ino it could be another boy .. I would stil be happy but Iíd love a girl . Letís just see how things go

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Donna, I suppose it definitely depends how difficult the baby is! My first was kinda hard, but I think everyone has a hard time getting into the swing of things with #1. My 2nd was a breeze (still is, really) so that transition wasn't too bad for me. My 3rd... He's something else! Sweet, but incredibly demanding. So that made the transition from 2 to 3 quite hard for me. I'm hoping #4 is easier! FX you get a girl for your 4th!

6 or 7dpo. Super tired, cramps and twinges on my right side and (TMI) kind of heightened sex drive. Which is weird for me before AF but not it's too early to be a pregnancy symptom, so idk what's up with that.

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