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Can you get pregnant on the pill?

Hi girls!! So I am on the 4th month on the hormone pill and I need advice! So I haven't been taking the pill around the same time daily... like for instance I take the pill when I go to bed so one night I can take one at 10pm on a Monday then won't take another again until 2-3 am on Wednesday..

After I finished my 3rd packet my period didn't start like it did the previous cycles.. I am more hungry, more exhausted, pressure like gas cramps and achy breasts..

Do you think you can get pregnant taking the pill?

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It's possible to get pregnant while taking birth control. It depends what pill you take to what grace period you have, but if you never took it at the same time it may not be as effective as it could be.

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I did - twice.

First pregnancy I changed from one kind of Pill to another and wasn't told to back it up with another form of BC even though I hadn't missed one between taking the Pill and changing.

Second time I came off BC to have DS2. After 6 months of not falling pregnant I went back on it upset and depressed and fell pregnant - yes you read that right. I had to go back ON the Pill to fall pregnant with DS2.

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You really need to take the pill at the same time every day if you are trying to avoid pregnancy. Set an alarm/reminder on your phone if you aren't very good about incorporating it into your daily routine.

Yes, even with ideal use it is possible to become pregnant on the pill. No form of birth control is 100% effective. But your chances of birth control failure increase if you're not using it properly.

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