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Newly TTC off Pill. Advice on first cycle date?

Hi Ladies ,

I recently look my last Microgynon 30 pill and am now in the '7 day break period' . I am on day 5 of the 7 and have when I wiped this morning , I had some what appeared to be EWCM but tinged with light pink blood. I haven't had a period for the last 5 months of being on the pill so assuming this must well be the start of one?

Do I count today ( first day ive seen bright blood even if it is just streaks?) as the first day of my cycle ? I have PCOS so am trying to figure out when I ovulate and so on xx

Many thanks in Advance xx

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This info is according to my sister's fertility specialist who helped her conceive her baby. The first day of your period will be the first full day you have a red bleed and need to use a pad or you'd get it all over. If you start bleeding in the afternoon, the next morning is CD1. Spotting before period is just spotting, not a cycle starting. Wiping bloody CM is spotting, not a period.

As someone who's had 5 babies, this is my two cents that I wanna add. I almost never ovulate on CD14. 4 of my 5 babies were conceived when I ovulated on CD16. My fifth-born was conceived when I ovulated on CD21! Baseline is that you'll ovulate on CD14, BUT every body, and sometimes every cycle, is different. If you wanna know exactly when everything happens, temping is best. Good luck!!!

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