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Can I take Clomid without having fertility issues?

I'm at a loss here. I'm just not conceiving. I already have children and had a ultrasound to check ovaries ect and everything is fine. My periods are regular.
I guess I want to know is that my sister has told me I can have her Clomid medication. Is it safe to take? Will it increase my chances? What exactly would it do to someone that normally doesn't have issues conceiving? When do I take it? Xxx

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I would not recommend taking someone else's prescription medication. Prescriptions are meant to be used under the care of a medical professional.

That's not to say your doctor wouldn't prescribe you clomid depending on your circumstances. It can increase your chance of conception if it increases the eggs released each cycle. But, there are things that may need to be monitored.

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I had clomid to conceive our triplets ( there is a higher chance of multiples with it ) but I wouldnt recommend taking some one elses. Go and have a chat with your doctor , he might be able to send you to a specialist to get it yourself xxx

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I would talk to your doctor. Clomid is not much fun and there are some really nasty side effects (as well as plenty which are just irritating!), so you do really need to be monitored - you can get ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome which can be life threatening so it’s important to make sure you’re taking the correct dosage and they normally scan you to see how many follicles are developing. It’s worth getting checked out if you’re having trouble. Good luck

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I ovulate each cycle but my Dr wanted me to take Femara, which is an alternative to clomid. He said even if I ovulate this will boost my chances of either releasing multiple eggs or more mature eggs thus increasing my chances of getting pregnant. I like you have other kids and I had no problem at all conceiving them. In fact 3 of the pregnancies (1 was a miscarriage) took 1 cycle each. 1 pregnancy took 2 cycles. This is our 8th cycle so maybe not that long, but long enough that I am frustrated and worried about why it is taking so long.
Anyway, i decided not to take the femara this cycle, but only because the cost would be around $700 for 1 cycle and I dont have insurance. Most of that cost ($500) is for the ultrasounds to keep an eye on the follicles growth.

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