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Ovulation date wrong 🤯

My little app says my ovulation date is the 14th. I finished bleeding on the 4th. I felt very wet up until the 11th and then was so dry even dtd was uncomfortable last night. Today iv been slightly wet again but only mild.
Is my app wrong or is this normal?
Also feeling very bloated my balled sort of feels swollen like someone has pumped it up followed by lovely af cramps and heartburn. I honestly thought my dates were correct until I turn dry 🙄

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Apps assume a 'normal' cycle where women ovulate 14 days after the start of their period. For most women this usually isn't the case. For example, I always ovulated on 18 or 19 dpo and never earlier. If you want to know exactly when you ovulate, don't rely on the app, rather use OPKs and/or track your BBT.

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I agree, you canít rely on an app for ovulation accuracy. I have short cycles (26 days) and I ovulate day 15 when the apps and even some doctors told me day 11. Iíve had 4 pregnancies and Iíve been accurate each time with my conception day. I would definitely recommend charting or opks. Good luck!

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