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Oh has been referred for a semen analysis test

Finally. I'm so relieved. We are one step closer to getting answers after our long term ttc. Kind of hoping it comes back at something. At Least that way it will explain things and we will have something to work with. Hubby is very nervous. Shed some tears last night. And so it begins. Xx

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My DH had to get it done last month. He was super embarrassed to go and do it and said it was really awkward, but it's quick and then at least you know! His came back completely normal, so I still have no clue why it's taking so much longer for me to get pregnant this time. I had absolutely no issues before.
I like you, was kind of hoping he would have something wrong, because then it would explain. But at the same time, low sperm count cant always be corrected. Sometimes with vitamins yes. So I was torn. I hope you can get pregnant asap! It's super hard to try with no success

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Good luck! I'm considering seeing if DH can have something similar done to test his.

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