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When do you have EWCM in relation to O?

Hello! Im trying to pinpoint my O date for this month as close as I can (not temping). I usually only have EWCM for 2-3 days. This month I had it on CD12/13. I also had cramping on both these days. EWCM was gone by CD14. Would that mean I likely Od on the 14th? DH and I BDd CD12 so Im hoping it wasnt too early.

When do you all get EWCM in relation to O?

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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You can get ewcm leading up to ov and during ov. It can just depend on the cycle. EPO helps increase cm.

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I seem to get it the day before some days but the most the day of. It usually stops quite abruptly after o.

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I got mine 2 days before and on my positive OPK and on the think maybe the day after too and then it turned a little watery! xx

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