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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Advice on CM & OPKs please!

Sorry Iím new here and already have a question! I know no one has definite answers Iím just looking for some advice, similar situations ect.

Ttc baby #2 (#1 wasnít planned 6 years ago so new to trying).
Second month trying. First month actually actively trying (trying to pinpoint ov with apps).
Pretty reg periods ect around 28 days.

Never used opk before was going to wait till next cycle but curiosity got the better of me today when I saw some on offer haha. Clue app said I ov 2 days ago but I used opk this afternoon and got a blaring positive so after inputting that data it says ov will actually be tomorrow. Iíve been observing cm and I have never had ewcm (Not this cycle and not any that Iíve ever noticed). This cycle has been dry, creamy, watery then creamy again now. (Also to add I do not get a lot of cm at all). Dtd yesterday (missed a day) and also the two day before that.

So my question isssss.. We canít dtd today or tomorrow (ov day) what do you think they chances of the sperm surviving are? I know they can survive up to 5 days in the right conditions but I feel like my cm is not very fertile abd therefore wonít keep the sperm waiting until tomorrow.

Does anyone have experience of getting bfp with non fertile looking cm and dtd 2 days before ov?

Long shot but thank you so much for reading!xxxxx

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