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CD16 - Neg Opk

Hi All

I am currently on CD16 and have been using OPKs for the first time this cycle. I started testing on day 8 as I have no idea when I normally O. I have gotten faint lines every day, but all very clear negatives. Being on day 16, I would have thought I would have had my positive by now.

My last cycle was about 35 days long. Normally my cycles are about 30 days without fail. For whatever reason, last month went on for ages. Could have been due to stress. Is it normal that I wouldn't have had a positive by now? I also have like a milky cm - not sticky, just milky. Doesn't stretch or anything. I am going insane! I am just worrying now that I won't O Just beginning to lose patience with all this testing. Anyone else out there have this issue?

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Keep on testing! If you have a 35 day cycle maybe it will just be a little longer?

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