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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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BFN but I know somethings going on in my body! Help!

Went to Carenet on the 10th to have a pt done. It was Negitive. But, I swear I might be loosing my mind. Just FYI, my cycles are irregular. Anyway, if I were pregnant I would be 5 weeks(in pregnancy terms), and Iím experiencing all these symptoms Iíve never experienced on my period ; my uterus feels full and i feel like i get gas bubbles in my uterus as well almost like little spasms in my uterus. I get lower abdominal pains almost like menstryle cramps but not. My nipples get little zing pains on and off through the day. And lower back pain that I swear I can feel from the inside of my body if that makes any sense. My emotions are everywhere and Iím always tired! Headaches are mild and on and off throughout the day. My appetite is gone most of the day, and the fact that my ptís are negative is just stressing me out because Iíve never been through any of this! Af hasnít came and idk what to think.

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With having irregular cycles you could well we be pregnant but ovulated later so not showing on a HPT yet. Or you could be stressed and delaying AF :/ itís a hard one hun I know but youíre like me in limbo at the moment just have to wait it out Iím afraid hun

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