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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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ovulation cramping question

So according to my chart, I will ovulate on Monday the 16th. However, just coming off the pill... this could be wrong. This is the second cycle off bc.

Today, I have started to feel cramping. Which I'm thinking might be a sign of ovulation. What i'm wondering is... how does this cramping/ovulation thing work? Does the cramping start BEFORE ovulation? And if so, is it days before or right before? Or does the cramping happen as ovulation is occurring (meaning I'm ovulating today?)


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I think it very much ranges from person to person. I get o pains on and off from the beginning of my fertile window. The day I ovulate is the worse pain. And then some cycles it can ache a bit the day after. Some women don't get any pain or only on the day they ovulate. Good luck I hope you catch the egg!

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It's definitely different for everybody. I only have pain on the day I ovulate. It's sharp and I feel it on one side, then up through my lower back and bum. Sometimes I ache a little the next day but not always x

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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There is mid cycle (ovulation) pain known as Mittleschmerz. Very common

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