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Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto in your HUSBAND/BOYFRIEND.....

My tsh is perfect for conceiving. Test a week ago show 1.48 ! Do any of your husbands or boyfriend have hypothyroidism/Hashimoto and it affecting sperm? I know that it can. My husbands tsh has never been higher than 10 but him having Hashimoto its between 5 and 10. He doesn't take his medicine. I just started a few days ago to wake him up in the morning when I take mine. He did take it for about a month in February so I was hoping his swimmers would be good. We've never had problems conceiving before but he wasnt dx with Hashimoto until 2 years ago so that was a year after having our 4th baby. I'm anywhere between 9dpo and 12dpo and got nothing but bfn. I'm ready for af to just come so we can try again but if his thyroid is affecting his sperm then we probably will have to wait 6 ish weeks until his med kicks in. I just thought maybe the thyroid would affect women's fertility more than men's.

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