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My TTC- BFP Story...Hope this helps!

Hey ladies,

I wanted to share my story because I remember the times all the times that I came to this page to read success stories and hoping it one day would happen to me. It gave me hope and I hope I can do the same for someone else.

I first got pregnant 2 years ago and that ended in miscarriage. After that I tried everything to get pregnant again. Pills, bottles, juices, natural doctors, injections, serums, name it. It was exhausting, and for 2 years it felt like it was never going to happen.

Then back in November, while visiting my home country (Dominican Republic) I decided to see a very special doctor, known for helping women get pregnant, I just wanted to hear it from him that I was wasting my time.

He immediately sent me in for an HSG, the most painful procedure I have ever gone through. For those that don't know what that is, it is when they insert a catheter in your cervix and the squeeze a fluid in there while they take xrays (HORRIBLE!!!) and even worse were the results, Hydrosalpinx! One of my tubes was so bad that I needed urgent surgery to have it removed before it ruined the other, who by the way was twisted. I was heartbroken!

Doctor assured me that it wasn't the end for me and after surgery, he assured me that I would be able to conceive naturally and not need IVF. It would take me longer, but he said I could.

It is now April and it is carnival time at home!I told my husband there is no way we are trying this month, I am going to PARTEEHHHHH. No temping, no pills, no checking cm, no apps!

We go out to one of the shows and the next morning, even though I haven't had much to drink, i feel the worse hangover I've had in a while. It lasts 2 days! What hangover lasts 2 days? My husband asks me "when is your period due?" I am so not into TTC for once that I don't know! I check my Glow app, and sure enough, any minute now, i should be getting my period.

1 day late...2 days late...3 days day 5 I gave in and tested! BFP! Dark and within seconds!

I am now 6 weeks and 4 days and I saw my baby's heart beat for the first time!

God is great!

I hope this uplifts someone today, I too was frustrated, angry, thought it will never happen.

Our bodies are amazing ladies!

Baby dust to you all

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This was inspiring thank you

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This gives me so much hope! Thank you so much for sharing your story! We have been trying for 15 months now for baby #2. #1 took us a year to get pregnant and here we are...15 months in to trying for #2. We decided that we were going to take a break this round. No Clomid, no nothing. I was to go enjoy this party bus at the end of the month and everything. Hoping that this might just be what we need.

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Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! Congratulations on your much deserved miracle after what must have been a terribly difficult journey! I am always humbled by the tenacity of ladies who continue TTC through challenges and disappointments without losing hope.

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Congratulations!! Loved reading your story thank you so much for sharing.

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