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TTC#3 after miscarriage..

Iíve just suffered a miscarriage which started with bleeding at 6+2
As of yesterday the miscarriage was confirmed, nothing seen on ultrasound everything looked perfectly healthy and my HCG blood level was 100.
Repeat bloods are taking place Monday to ensure the levels are lowering.

We decided as a couple that we will go straight into TTC, not waiting for a cycle as we are so desperate to start a family we are diving into the deep end.
This will be our first child together I have two children from a previous relationship.

How quick did people fall after miscarriage?
The bleeding stopped relatively quickly after 4 days and we DTD last night not for TTC purposes but simply because we needed the intimacy after the awful week we had had.

Any info, stories and advice would be greatly welcomed

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With my first MC it was at 5 weeks and we got pregnant the cycle after. However, we lost that one at 7 weeks and ran into complications with that MC that led to a D&C a month later, and then a shot two months after that to clear out some residual tissue. I'm not sure if me trying to force a pregnancy so quickly after led to that or not but I had to wait 3 months after the shot to try and it took us 5 months actively trying until we got our rainbow.

It is easier to get pregnant after a mc from what I hear but honestly I would wait one full cycle to make sure your system gets rid of the residual tissue and that you have a normal cycle. What I went through was long and emotionally painful and based on my doctors could probably have been avoided if we had waited to try one more month.

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I'm so sorry for your loss!

I'll start by saying that I don't usually have a difficult time getting pregnant, but I do have a hard time staying pregnant. This is pregnancy #11. I have one son.

When we were TTC DS, I averaged 2-3 cycles after each loss before I conceived again. This time around, it's usually been 1-2 cycles after each loss. I had a CP in January, another in February, just the usual AF in March, a CP/early MC in April, and a BFP (so far, so good, FX) here in May.

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I'm sorry about your miscarriage Taylor.
I had a miscarriage the very beginning of 2008. I was 5w2d. I also had my HCG taken to make sure the miscarriage was complete. My Dr. said we did not need to wait to try again. I didnt feel good about trying without waiting for my next period. But about 12 days after the miscarriage (and maybe 5 days after bleeding stopped) we BD without protection. I remember thinking it probably was not the best idea, but I doubted I would even be ovulating yet since I had longer cycles and that with a miscarriage it would throw it off even more. 2 weeks after that BD I decided to take a test just because I was curious. I didn't expect to see anything, didnt really think I was pregnant, but was just curious. It was positive! I was nervous and excited. I had my beta's taken and my HCG went up great. But I was a mess until I was able to get an ultrasound at 8 weeks. I kept worrying that I wasnt really pregnant. That somehow the HCG was left over from my miscarriage and my body thought I was pregnant and it was a molar pregnancy and all that. But all was great! My DD is 9 yrs. old now.

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Iím so sorry for your loss. Iíve had two losses after a healthy pregnancy in 2014. After the first miscarriage it took us 2 years to conceive again. However, my most recent miscarriage in January it took us one full cycle after the d&c to conceive again.

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