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What can cause ovulation pain on both sides?

I get ovulation pain every month, but for the past 3 cycles I've noticed it on both sides and it lingers for a few days. Could cysts cause pain on both sides? Does this happen to anyone else?

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Obviously nobody can give a definite answer but ovulations pains on both sides is possible when both of your ovaries release an egg.

Of course if the pains are persistent and or get worse you'd be best seeing your GP.

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I always have it on both sides, but worse on one. It switches every month which one it's worse on, so I'm assuming it hurts worse on the one I'm ovulating from.

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I sometimes have the pain on both sides but one of those times I happen to have an ultrasound and an egg was being released on 1 side while the other was not. Everything else looked fine so I just assumed it's just the regular ovulation cramping... of course, everyone's different and what applies to one person doesn't necessarily apply to others.

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