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14 days from ovulation to period

Is it true that no matter when you ovulate, you generally always get your period 14 days after ovulation?

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Nope. Mine is 16 days after ovulation and my BFF is 12 days after O.

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No. It really varies depending on when you ovulate in your cycle. The 14 was set up as a "general" cycle. It is said that women with a 28 days cycle ovulate cd 14 (half of the length of the cycle) and then you would start 14 days later. I hope that makes sense, my explanations are rubbish at times! lol.

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No, that's not always true. That phase is called the luteal phase and can be pretty long. Mine averages anywhere from 16 at the least and as long as 19. . obviously I have pretty long cycles According to the below webpage the average length is 12-16 days. I've never fit into the 'average' or 'normal' or 'ususally' category. . . .

Check out this link. It's very informative:

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