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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Strange period. Might be TMI.

I知 hoping posting this is okay.
I知 going to describe my AF in a bit of detail so if your not wanting to read, click out now.

I went into a bit of detail in my TTC journal thread, however, I知 on my second period since stopping my pills, my body seemed to get back into a regular cycle within a month, and I got positive opk痴 around CD15.

My current period is freaking me out though, it痴 brown, almost black and so light I can稚 use tampons. Something I became accustomed too while on BC but is not what my pre-BC, and first period post-BC were like.

The reason I知 here is I went on Dr Google like an idiot and read about it being a sign of ectopic pregnancy. I知 going to book a Drs appointment if this 澱leeding persists more than my usual 7 days, could it be anything else? Should I be worried? When should I be worried enough to try and get an emergency DR痴 app? Am I over reacting?

The last HPT I did was a few days before my expected AF day, which was BFN but some people online said EP can give BFN痴 anyway.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Your body might still be adjusting to coming off birth control, even if you got a positive OPK your periods might be a bit strange for a bit. It sounds like pre-period spotting to me where brown blood is old blood that got stuck and is slowly making its way out.

Without thinking about what Google said I'd say listen to your instinct. If it feels wrong to you then there's no harm in calling your doctor and letting them know what's going on. They'll have a better idea whether or not they want to see you or what you should do.

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