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Positive on cheapy OPK and negative on Clearblue?? HELP!

So Iím on CD14 and Iíve just got a positive on a cheapy OPK... I also did a Clearblue test and itís said negative? Has anyone had this as Iím so confused!

Clearblue has given me about a week of flashing smilie faces from CD 7-14 before so I really donít know whether to even trust Clearblue anymore!

We BDíd on CD10 and CD13 and will do again tonight and tomorrow anyway but Iím so unsure whether I actually am ovulating now!! This TTC is driving me nuts!

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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I have gotten positive Clearblue's and not ovulated the only way to confirm ovulation is by blood test/ultrasound/or temping. Good luck! Hope you ovulated

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