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Ttc #2, hpv + cin1

So here is the scoop. We were not trying to get pregnant this cycle, or any cycle in the near future. I want a second child, I have a 6 yr old son from my first marriage. My fiancee, up until this point has been undecided about children and does not have any of his own. Ive been pushing the issue for a while now.

So last night when dtd, he did not pull out, that is the only form of contraception weve been using for 3 years. He didnt pull out intentionally. I track my periods on an app and it says my fertile window was from 5/26-6/2. Some other calculators say 5/29-6/3, but generally around this time frame. We also dtd on 5/26 but used the pull out method. Last menstrual cycle started on 5/17 and on average have a 29 day cycle. Although, they can be 27-35 days.
I should mention that I am hpv possitive, dr said its super low grade and wouldnt affect pregnancy. With this diagnosis, i go for paps every 3 months and had one on wed 5/30. I bled a little after the pap off and on for a day with cramping.

Do you think we could get a bfp this cycle or did we miss the window? Any one else have hpv and have difficulties conceiving or any other pregnancy issues due to hpv?

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