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Pos opk 2 days ago but still getting ewcm

I thought I ovulated the day before yesterday but I知 still getting ewcm. My app isn稚 sure wha to do with this news haha it still thinks I知 in the fertile window but I got pos opk day before yesterday.
Can anyone tell me wha this means as I知 still learning.

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Literally everyone has a different experience, with occasional similarities. What’s normal for one, is abnormal for another. I had EWCM on day of ovulation (none leading up) and continued to have it for a few days, until it started changing into a snotty-bugger like consistency. I’m now 9 weeks along.

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OPK indicate Ovulation will occur 24-72 hours after a positive and EWCM can last after O as well. Good luck. In my opinion you are ovulating today.

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I get ewcm for avout a day after. Its also really difficult to tell the differnce between ewcm and sperm and im not doing the sniff test lol dont worry id say its normal. If it goes on for 7 days of ewcm its an indication of no ovulation though if it dries up after a few days dont worry

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