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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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So my LMP was 5/25. My cycles are 25 days exactly.
We dtd on cd9 and cd10. Now I'm horribly sick so I doubt we will be able to do it again...

.. I think I ovulate on cd11 or 12. Is this enough?

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In theory it should, if you’re positive on when you ovulated. They say on average you ovulate mid-cycle. However, you can ovulate late or early. I thought I had ovulated on cd 14, but actually o’ed somewhere around cd 18-20. In this case, it can be easy to miss your window. Best of luck!

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You could still be in luck, its possible for sperm to live up to 5 days in the right environment I believe.

Or you could have a go at DTD, let him do all the hard work

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