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sandy mom
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Am I doing SMEP correctly?

DH and I have been TTC since Nov 17. After 6 months we had a bfp in early April which ended up in miscarriage. I finally got my first period after miscarriage on May 20th. We are desperately hoping to conceive soon and decided to give SMEP a try.

I had positive OPK on CD 13 night, CD14 (morning, night) and CD 15 morning.

We BD'ed on CD 9, CD 11, CD 13,14, 15. I'm on CD 16 today. We have been using preseed as well.

As per SMEP, we should skip today and try again tomorrow?

Did anyone try SMEP and conceive after a miscarriage?

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I would continue to bd as you donít know when youíll actually ov after your test.. the idea with smep is that sperm is there waiting - good luck this cycle xx

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