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BFN at 12DPO... still a chance?

Hi everyone.

My first pregnancy sadly ended in a missed miscarriage in early April. I got my first period on May 9th.

I'm pretty sure I ovulated on the 23rd (had a very positive OPK and egg white mucus on the 22nd), though I have heard that you can ovulate up to 72 hours after a positive OPK so it may have been later.

AF is due either tomorrow (or Wednesday depending on what app I use...). I took a FRER this morning and it was negative. Well, I thought I could see a ghost of a second line, but it was very faint and I couldn't see any colour so I'm assuming it was a dreaded evap. I'm feeling quite nauseous and headache-y, and am getting a lot of thick white discharge. But I would've thought a test as sensitive as an FRER would be positive by now if I was pregnant....

Is there any hope? It's hard to keep positive when you keep getting negatives....


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Just checking if you have gotten a positive?

I’m 5 days late and still BFN. So I am wondering myself is there a chamcw or not

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I guess everyone has chance unless 14dpo. It's recommended to wait for 2 weeks though I know it's tough. Still you may get confused with the results using home cheapies. They aren't always 100% accurate. I know you've got the answer so far. I really would love to know what is it? All the best.

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