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Back again etc baby number 3 using Agnus castus!! :)

So... title says it all but my husband and I have just started our next journey to have a 3rd and final baby! I am very excited about this!

A little bit about us... we have a 3 year old and a 10 month old. People will probably think we are crazy ttc so soon after our baby girl but going off previous pregnancies it takes just over a year for us to catch any way! Last year our baby girl was born at 28 weeks...not that you would tell (other than her being small) she is very alert and very sassy bless her.

Our problem with us ttc is that I have never had regular periods I would say they are borderline non existent. infant I think I had one between my 1st baby being born and getting pregnant with my 2nd.

With both the ttc journeys towards the end (about 10/11 months in) I started to take a tablet called Agnus cactus. it worked wonders. I am using it from the word go this time in hope that maybe we might catch sooner. I have it in my head thought that it will take over a year like the others though as I don't want to get too disheartened!

Any way just wondering is Agnus castus has worked for anyone else on here perviously and if you are using it again?

p.s sorry for long post!!

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