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Wanting another but timing isnít good?

Hi, Iím just looking for advice really, I really want another baby, but my partner is wanting a bit more of a gap (our LG is nearly 10 months)

We are having a wedding in October 2019 so I really donít want to be pregnant or recently pregnant for that.

My question is, how do I stop the baby fever???

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I don't think you can stop the baby fever!, Avoid teeny tiny squishy babies

You could start TTC on your wedding night, that's all way a nice story if you get pregnant quickly with a honeymoon baby!.

In reality your LO will still be very you (Just turned two by my very bad maths?) so it'll still be a close age gap if you wait until after your wedding.

Good luck!

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Having baby fever- so lovely to hear! I think this wish is just natural. We're at the stage when we both are wanting more. Unfortunately we have to use med help to conceive. So know this feeling..But I support I'd wait for some time being in your shoes. By the time of your wedding you'll get even more strength for another pregnancy. I really think this would be the nice start -xo. Be blessed.

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