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Super light period

Iíve been ttc almost 4 years. Very irregular and donít ovulate on my own.

I was on vitex for a few cycles and ovulated a couple of times but my lp was only 10days max, tried adding b-complex and tried progesterone cream and neither helped so I gave up and currently debating weather to try the pill to see if it will help regulate me after while I try to lose some weight.

Anyways my previous cycle was 56 days. I had a few days spotting followed by a super light period for 5 days no cramp very few tiny clots. It kept swapping between light flow and spotting. Usually I have a heavy flow and horrendous cramp.
I took a pregnancy test to be sure it wasnít implantation as I spotted from week 4-8 when pregnant with my son but as expected it was negative.

Has anyone else had anything like this?

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