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Back on here and never thought i would be!

When i finally had my first chiled i vowed to myself never again.. i found the pregnancy hard. The birth was harder with and emergancy csection. But here we find ourselves wanting to try again. Since baby my aunt flow has been awful untrakable , heavy and unpredictable. I have been to my gyno had tests after tests and scans . The outcome we dont know whats up we have tried everything..
Well now im TTC since feburary which isnt long if you really think about it .. i track when i ovulate . Get really good strong results .. two days later a period . Im at a loss what to do as i feel ive been left to just deal with it . My child is 4

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Have you looked into herbs or vitamins to help regulate your cycle?.

I found Soya Isoflavones helped bring my ovulation on sooner when used CD2-5 (if I remember correctly) and regulate my cycle a little. It might be worth a research and a try as it'd only cost a few pounds.

Good luck. x

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