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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Thank you, but ended in CP!

Originally Posted by Suzy18 View Post
Congrats on your BFP Gracee!! :-)

I'm taking all kinds of stuff and just went to the store to buy more.
I already take pregnacare prenatal vitamins and a supplement with myo-inositol.
Now I bought royal jelly, soy isoflavones and wild yam drops. I'm very irregular and don't ovulate often. I'm on CD 16 and my OPK's are white, there's nothing. I'm hoping these last supplements will really help.
I read that soy isoflavones are like a natural Clomid. Is that so? Do you always take in the beginning of your cycle? I'm TTC #2 and got my BFP for my #1 with Clomid.
Thanks for your help!!
Hello!! I am TTC again. The 1st cycle of Soy ended in chemical... I am upping the dosage this month, but I will also take all the other supplements as well.. I may add a Probiotic as well!!

Yes soy is the natural Clomid... You have to take them either 1-5, 2-6, 3-7 or 5-9.. I take mine 3-7... I've seen more success stories with 3-7, but I've also seen success stories with 2-6 or 5-9!

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