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TTC #3 1st Month on Clomid

Hey Everyone.
So were finally after months of deciding TTC for our 3rd and final baby.
I am taking Clomid to help us get Pregnant!
It is our first month and I honestly feel like im Pregnant but i know its to early to even tell that..

Did anyone take Clomid and have that gut feeling you were pregnant the first try even before you period was missed because of cramping feeling and pulling feeling or is it just my mind playing tricks... I have a week until my period is due.

I really want my :

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Clomid made me so hormonal and crazy I had no idea what was going on
It did give me my DS1 though! The only symptom I had in that pregnancy before testing positive was sore boobs.
Wishing you all the best for that soon!

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First off, good luck TTC!

I found that when I was on Clomid, every cycle my body tricked me. I didn't know if my symptoms were real or if it was the Clomid! There was only one symptom I had that I didn't have during my other Clomid cycles. I noticed one morning during the cycle I got pregnant that the veins in my chest were bright blue and all over the place. I mean, they were startling and everywhere!!! I got a BFP the next day.

Otherwise, on my other cycles, I was nauseous, my breasts were tender, I was very tired etc.

I am actually about to TTC my 3rd as well. I will be going back on Clomid to do so. Doing blood tests in a couple weeks and then my ob will give the go ahead.

I do recommend PreSeed as Clomid made me a little dry.

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