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I put career first. I had my daughter at 35, and I’m now TTC my second at 36. I did need help from an RE bc of my thyroid, but it seems that would have been a problem no matter what age I started.

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Definitely not too old!!, I'm only 28 and TTC but I'm planning to have 2/3 more children so likely hood I'll be in my thirties when TTC and I'm not the slightest bit worried about that. Being young doesn't mean you wont have fertility issues the same as being 'older' there are no guarantees in life.

Could you have a baby sooner to use your benefits then quit once maternity leave is up?, Not sure how it all works where you live though, if its a possibility its definitely something you should speak to your partner about.

Good luck x

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hi) I am 33y.o and we decided to do Ivf) want to choose a clinic in eastern Europe. can advise anything ??

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Originally Posted by tei View Post
Hello everyone !

I'm struggling these days with a decision i have to take.
Currently I work in very stressful conditions, long story short I'm very unsatisfied with the work and i'd like to look for something else. That would mean I'll lose my open contract and the benefits of it, but i'll probably get a new one in max. 1-2 years.

I'm also having issues with my thyroid (probably also due to the daily stress) and I wasn't able to try to conceive since November last year, because it oscillates too much.

What would you do? Is 32-33 yo too late to TTC #1?
Not late at all I had my first at 34 and now at 36 we TTC our baby #2!

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3233yo , late , ttc

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