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Follicle size on 50mg CLomid Cycle - Can follicles of different size both rupture?

Hi there.

After a failed IVF Cycle, I have tried 50mg of Clomid this month. On day 2-6. I had an follicle count ultra sound done on CD 9, and was told i had three follicles in each ovary, with one dominant follicle on the right (19mm) and the next largest being 10mm in the left.

Now my Doc told me that I would probably ovulate in 2-3 days time (Based on the 19mm size of the follicle in the right ovary).....But i know i did get the LH surge on my test until 5 days later.

This was exactly when I thought I would have ovulated in my cycle, as it is regular, 28 days, and the LH surge came on CD 13.

So, my question is.....If i didn't actually ovulate when the doctor predicted i would (based on the size).....and I ovulated 5 days it possible that both large follicles could have ruptured, as the smaller 10mm one would have had 5 days to catch up in size?

Has anyone had multiple follicles of different size rupture and ended up conceiving twins?

Any insight would be appreciated....


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