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Hormone blood tests

I have been ttc for just about 4 years now. Iíve been to the fertility clinic and told I didnít ovulate but my bmi was too high for clomid and to lose weight. I have the symptoms of PCOS but no cysts and blood is fine but...everywhere I look it says those tests should be done on cd3 but my blood tests were done randomly, I donít think Iíve even had one done near cd3.

My periods are very irregular and can be as far as 100 days apart. I donít ovulate and sometimes I spot between periods and the lead up to my period. At the minute Iím cd38 and have been spotting for 9 days. My last period was a combination of spotting and light flow which Iíve never ever had. I feel like somethings got to be wrong. My hormones have got to be off but they have all been fine. But like I said Iíve never had my blood taken on cd3 like the things Iíve read.

My doctors are really unhelpful I donít think they listen to anything I say I feel like sometimes I know more than them when it comes to fertility and I think if i went in and asked for a blood test on cd3 they would just tell me the timing wouldnít matter...but does it? Would it really impact the results if it was done on a different day later in the cycle. Most of my blood tests have been later in the cycle Iíve never had one anywhere near cd3.

When I have ovulated using vitex and soy my lp is from 8-10 days but they stopped working for me so now Iím back to wonky non ovulation cycles.

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Dang sorry you are dealing with this. I am not the best one to answer this but didn't want to read and run! I know that NATURAL progesterone cream can help with a short luteal phase but if the docs say your hormones look fine then maybe it isn't necessary. I agree something isn't right. A high bmi and a very low bmi can cause period problems. Good luck with it all hun!

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