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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Getting myself worried and extremely anxious.


I have 4 children and 3 angels. I have conceived straight away with all of them, in the month following stopping contraception. (Implant and POP).

I had a m/c in November 17 and fell pregnant again straight away without a period with my twins that were sadly ectopic. I had my op in Jan 18 evacuation with D&C ultrasound guided.

I went back onto POP whilst waiting to TTC again, I stopped taking my pill around the end of May - and whilst Iíve had a little spotting on and off (brown and pink) and 2 spots of red blood on separate occasions after a bowel movement. I didnít even have a withdrawal bleed and still no sign of AF. This is unusual for me as Iím usually pregnant by now.

Iím worrying myself my body is broken and I canít ever imagine having a rainbow baby to hold in my arms - this is what has been keeping me going since January. Iím getting myself very worried and upset. Been very teary this week, think itís because it was my due date this month.

Had crazy ovulation and pregnancy symptoms, but still no BFP. Donít know whatís going on with body.

Thanks, K. X

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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It took me 18 months to conceive dd after stopping bcp. It doesn't always happen immediately after the pill. It doesn't mean you are broken.

That being said, I'm sure it's very difficult right now as you are coming up on that date.

Symptom spotting has often lead to nothing for me. I really didn't "feel" pregnant this cycle but I am. Give yourself and your body some time to heal. I know it's incredibly hard when we want to be pregnant now and not later

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