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Help needed short luteal phase

Hi, I've been TTC for almost a year now and the last few months my luteal phase has been getting shorter,the last 3 months it was around 8 or 9 days. I went the doctors about 6 weeks ago & I had a blood test done for lots of different things which all came back fine. The test was done at the beginning of my cycle so I'm guessing it wouldn't show up any problems with the luteal phase though. If its short again this month I want to go back & ask about it,is it the day 21 blood test i would need to ask for?
I've also been referred for a scan but it takes a long time to get appointments at my local hospital! My husband is also going to get tested in 3 weeks.

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Yes it would be what gets called the ‘day 21’ test but it should actually be done at 7DPO. Some doctors will just base it on an average 28 day cycle and 14 day LP and do it at CD21 regardless. That doesn’t necessarily give accurate results. It’s your progesterone levels they'll be checking. Good luck!

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