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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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new here, TTC with adenomyosis & endo :)

hello I'm new here

my name is Jade, I'm 27, I have 2 kids, and was diagnosed with endo last year, in June i had surgery to remove endo + lap they found my endo was fairly mild but said it looks like I have adenomyosis
my partner was deployed during this time which sucked hard but we decided to start trying when he got home, he is now home!
so can officially say I've started TTC now
I have been tracking ovulation since I had my surgery, last month was CD15 and this month was CD10 which kinda sucks because if it was 15 again I would have been ovulating when he got home, so I think I'm already out of the running this month
luckily it seems I have spotted the symptoms of ovulation so that should make it easier to track at least

is anyone else here ttc with adeno/endo?

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