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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC: CD 1: Anyone Else Near the Same CD?

My DS is 3 and we're finally ttc #2! I'm 28 and started the pill a few weeks before I turned 16 bc I had terrible periods that would keep me home from school. When we got pregnant with my son I went off the pill & was blessed to conceive right away. This time around for whatever reason I decided to stop the pill a month before trying. That first pill free cycle came to an end today when AF showed up. Would have been cd 26 so I'm not sure when I ovulated. I've been tracking cp & cm to try to figure out how my cycles might be now. I was thrown off by pelvic pain that started cd 10. After a week I finally saw the dr and turned out I had a uti. This is my first period off the pill in almost 13 years, wish me luck Plan is to bd every single day from cd 10-16 at least & use Preseed as lube... worked for us last time lol! We'll be on vacation during that week so it worked out nicely

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