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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Confused need advice

Last AF started on July 11th most fertile days were 26th and 27th dtd on both days.

A week after I started to get what I thought was really bad allergies which I had never had before.

I also began to get really bad heart burn for everything that i eat. Usually i eat allot of hot sauce with no problem and now I canít even smell it because Iíll get heart burn lol

On August 11th I started spotting I thought I was out and af had arrived even though it was weird because always a week before my period I have really really bad cramps leading to AF and my breast get sensitive and sore. But this time the spotting came out of no where it seemed.

The spotting did not get heavy at all it was light brown and last 3 days where usually i have 7 days af and gets heavy after the 1st day I did t even have to wear a pad. On the 2nd day my breast felt a bit sore and theyíve stayed like this until now. On the 3rd day I had a few cramps here and there but nothing like usual af

2 days after the spotting had ended I went to the bathroom and when I wiped had a bit more light brown spotting once and then again it was gone and there has been none since.

I still have sore nipples and what I want to call mild cramping even though it doesnít feel like cramps itís weird.

I also feel weird my body just doesnít feel right, my stomach hurts after everything I eat I want to say nausea but I donít feel like throwing up I just feel off.

Iím peeing like 20 times a day and Iíve been feeling super sleepy to the point i have been having to take naps through the day and at night when we lay to sleep i knock out almost immediately as if I havenít slept in days

Anyone experienced these things and ended up being pregnant? Iím scared to test or even tell my hubby since I donít want to get my hopes up.


Went to pee this morning and had light brown spotting again about a day and half from last time? Super confused at this point

also I have been checking my cervix and for 5 days now it has been super high I almost canít reach it itís soft and mushy feeling

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Girl TEST! Lol with my son my 1st symptoms were cramping (I swore AF was coming), smell aversions, mild nausea, crazy sore nipples (had never had sore nipples, just sore breasts), and my gums bled really easily when flossing or brushing too hard. Spotting could have been implantation. The only way to know is to test.

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