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Luteal phase length

Hi girlies!

Gosh I haven't posted in here in AAAAAAAAAGES...
I have a bizarre question: does anyone know if luteal phase length can change after pregnancy?? I used to temp and chart, so Im pretty confident that b4 I had Lindsey, my lp was 12 days. BUT, just looking at my cm from last cycle (not allowed to temp, promised dh that I wouldnt stress this time and it psyches him out ) I think I o'd on cd 14 or 15, making my lp 13 or even 14 days now?!??

Any clues? I cant find much on google at all...


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Isn't the Luteal Phase supposed to be around 14 days anyway? So although it's unusual for you it's not completely unusual.

I can't really say about after pregnancy, seeing as I never have been! lol, but it could be a possibility?


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If you O'd on CD 14 or 15, then your follicular phase is about 14 days. You would know your LP once you get your AF right, cause LP is from O day to AF date.

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Luteal phase is from the first day after ovulation till the day before af shows up, it can be a day longer or shorter, I can get an 11 but mostly 12 days and yes it can change after giving birth.

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